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The ‘On-Hold’ experience is firstly about callers feeling comfortable to remain on hold, and the confirmation that they’ve ‘come through to the right place’. It also, importantly provides business and institutions with the excellent opportunity to promote their business’ services and values while they have their caller’s attention in this space of time.

70% of calls to businesses are placed on hold, for an average of 30-90 seconds.

‘Silence-on-Hold’ feels three times longer, and music-on-hold twice as long

30% of buyers have made buying decisions from what they heard on hold!

60% of callers left in silence results in hanging up.

Bespoke on hold music and messaging

Voice Talent

Our voice artists have decades of experience and provide professional voice talent by ‘real people’. We select both male and female voices in a variety of accents to complement Australia and New Zealand businesses. We also have UK, USA & Canada voice talent which we have utilised for international business. We instruct our voice teams to tone their ‘act’ to be industry appropriate complimenting the script for the individual business.

Background Music

To comply, only royalty free music tracks will be selected which means that no APRA licences are required, and when our production team selects the music, Teams Calling Australia clients will have the opportunity to change it at the time of establishment if required. The tracks are music only with no voice component and if clients prefer, they can also source and provide their own royalty free tracks or tailored jingle.

Script Writing

Script writing for Messaging-on-Hold is a unique and specialised profession. Our team of professional wordsmiths are trained to structure Messaging-on-Hold scripting, meeting the strict requirements of the spoken word in this industry space. We have repeatedly experienced that without professionals, this is a difficult process to get the content, tone and intended message delivered successfully.

Ongoing Tech Support

We coordinate closely with clients’ phone technicians across the industry to ensure a seamless installation of our programs. This enables us to establish the initial audio format, get direction for future IT developments, whilst maintaining ongoing compatibility.

Other Features

Simple Search

The call search allows for quick access to the required recordings. Filtering can be applied on time, user, duration, ring time or number.

Recorded Call Details

Each call’s metadata is displayed including details on start time, connected time, end time, duration, and ring time. The participant list displays all attendees on the call, what time they joined, what time they left and the total duration of the call.


There is the option to playback the call directly from TCA VR or the recording can be downloaded in OGG format which is a compressed audio format that can be distributed via email for review.

Installation & Technical Bits

TCA VR is installed on the customer’s Azure tenant which means they have ownership of data sovereignty and choose how long they store the recorded calls. It will record all calls for the user including inbound / outbound, internal calls, peer-to-peer, and conference calls. It uses the Microsoft Voice Recording Graph API and activates a BOT once the call is confirmed. When the call is completed, the recording is transferred to the server fully encrypted.

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