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Reporting and Recording

TCA has the most comprehensive TEAM’s calling reporting solution on the market.

It delivers key information in real time to ensure your Business is performing as efficiently as possible resulting in the highest levels of customer satisfaction and business continuity.

It also delivers business critical information through user defined reports, dashboards and monitors. It gives you accurate, relevant information from which you can make informed decisions increasing your company’s performance.

Teams Calling Australia Real Time Reporting

Using Power Bi we allows users to specify exactly what they see and how they will see it. We understand that different users have different reporting requirements and a ‘one-size-fits-all’ reporting and wallboard solution is not suitable for a dynamic and modern workplace.

The emphasis is on easy customization for each user and with the role based access this can also allow for agent self service.

Power Bi Dashboard

Power Bi presents information on screen with its user definable dashboards. Users select the layout and monitor types to show only the required information.

Presence Status Monitor

The Presence status monitor displays real-time availability including employee picture and the colour of the current presence status.

Other Features

Queue / AA summary page

A summary of all CQs and AAs is initially displayed with monitors showing Call volumes, Missed call volumes, Unused CQ and AAs and Overflow details. A Queue or AA can be selected from here to show full details on the CQ or AA including individual agents performance.

Queue / AA call flow

All agents that a call has been presented to are displayed along with ring-time and the agent who took the call and call duration.


The reporting is a function of TCA RT and is entirely user defined ensuring only relevant information is presented

Role based access

The comprehensive, user defined security policies means that access can be restricted both at feature and organizational level. For example, a team leader can be restricted to just see their own teams stats.

Threshold alerts

It is possible to set call based thresholds which generate an email alert when the criteria has been met such as ring-time or call duration.

Teams Calling Australia voice Recording

Voice Recording solution designed for Microsoft Teams.

If your organizations has a Voice Recording requirement we have the solution for you. Dubber is a tailored recording software that is used for training, monitoring purposes and for dispute resolution. Homeworking activity can also be reviewed ensuring standards and business continuity are maintained. It includes rich features such as Pause and Play and simple search. The data is kept on your own Azure tenant to comply with Australian Data sovereignty. Assigning Security policies is done via your global admin.

Other Features

Simple Search

The call search allows for quick access to the required recordings. Filtering can be applied on time, user, duration, ring time or number.

Recorded Call Details

Each call’s metadata is displayed including details on start time, connected time, end time, duration, and ring time. The participant list displays all attendees on the call, what time they joined, what time they left and the total duration of the call.


There is the option to playback the call directly from or the recording can be downloaded in OGG format which is a compressed audio format that can be distributed via email for review.

Installation & Technical Bits


Infinite scalability from a single platform, data sovereignty, and no additional costs. Network native – no hardware or complex services required to deploy. Capture and unify more communication modalities across all devices including voice, video, chat, SMS and text.

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